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President's Message, Allyn Walker

The purpose of the International Dale Carnegie Franchisee Association (IDCFA) is to be a strategic partner with Dale Carnegie & Associates so that we can all win in the marketplace.

Our recent Owner's Meeting truly illustrated this partnership.  We gathered in Chicago and heard presentations on many key elements to our business.  The theme was "Driving Our Future."  The meeting was highly attended and included franchisees from four continents and nine countries. 

First and foremost, our new CEO Joe Hart inspired us.  If you haven't heard his presentation CLICK HERE. 

In addition, we reviewed and renewed our shared commitments:

  1. Live the Dale Carnegie Principles (walk the talk)
  2. Try Honestly to See Things from the Other's Person's Point of View (P17)
  3. Make Decisions based on the Customer
  4. Collaborate and Communicate (show up and share)
  5. Reduce Barriers to Large Complex Projects (IWWCW)
  6. Invest in a Unified, Global Brand (time, energy and/or money)

These shared commitments should guide us as Dale Carnegie Franchisees and members of the IDCFA.

The entire agenda was packed with valuable content and inspiration! Here is a sampling:

  • Customer Panel (tremendous ideas of how to connect with context)
  • Inspiration from John MacKinnon (and an emotional thank you from Gregg Ratliff), Larry Heron, Alexander de Laiglesia, Susan Spader and Uwe Göthert


  • IDCFA and DC&A Strategic Implementation Team updates:
    • Branding, Driving Public Programming, Digital Sales, Succession Planning, Quality WOW Delivery and capturing large accounts.
    • Drive Growth through innovation
      • Dr. David Urban (MTSU) on working with universities
      • Corey Perlman on using social media to drive business (and about 50 other marketing ideas!)
      • AND Driving deeper customer relationships through connecting on core issues impacting our customers world-wide.

CLICK HERE for more highlights!

WOW!  That doesn't even include the networking during breaks, lunch or our Chicago inspired dinner event. 

I would like to personally thank the Planning Committee for the time they spent building the agenda for this year's meeting. The Committee was led by Mike Scott, and members included Bob Dickson, Dan Handley and Scott Garvis.

Go ahead and mark your calendars for June 23 & 24, 2016 for the next Owner's Meeting!  In addition, look for owners meetings to be held during the regional conferences later this year.

Thank you for your passion and dedication to this great business!




Message from the President, Allyn Walker

Wow!  What an amazing convention!  The energy and optimism was evident through the workshops, general sessions and networking.  It was refreshing to visit, share experiences, and connect. 

For those of you who were able to come early and attend the IDCFA Owner's Meeting, you received quite a treat with John Hei sharing his success story.  We learned how to move past disappointments and frustrations, plan for the future and build a winning team.  Thank you John for sharing your story with us!  We also hosted a global best practices panel where Sam Iorio built the theme of passion and belief in our business, Cesar Kaghofer reminded us to think deeply about the business and commit to building an organization, and Paul Siregar encouraged us to train our people to be the best.  For each of our friends who spoke, thank you!

Speaking of the value of meeting with other owner's, save June 24-26, 2015 on your calendar for the All Owner's Meeting in Chicago, IL.  We will be meeting at the famous Drake Hotel for high level learning for owner's and equity partners only.  If you want a testimony of the value, please see Greg Story's personal remarks here.   

As we continue to live our vision to be a Strategic Partner with Dale Carnegie &Associates, it was announced by the Board that franchisees would be a part of the CEO selection process.  There will be an advisory team that will interview the final candidates and give advice to the selection committee.  

In addition, the collaborative three year Strategic Plan will need to be implemented.  Dale Carnegie & Associates with the IDCFA will be forming teams to implement the strategic initiatives.  More will be coming on the mandate and structure of these teams. Stay tuned for news from your association.

It is an exciting time to be in Dale Carnegie Training!

Two Must Attend Owner Only Events - December 2 in Atlanta, GA

1:00pm - 2:30pm   All Owners Meeting featuring Focus Five/Strategic Plan Update, Innovation Team Updates, and an IDCFA Board & SLT Q&A

2:30pm - 2:50pm    Break

2:50pm - 3:15pm    IDCFA Membership Meeting (Members Only)

3:15pm - 4:45pm   IDCFA Leadership Forum Featuring John Hei: What I have learned as a Dale Carnegie Franchisee (Members Only)

4:45pm - 5:30pm  The Global Panel Discussion on Best Practices and the Future of Dale Carnegie Training: Paul Siregar (APAC), Sam Iorio (North America), and Cesar Kaghofer (South America) (Members Only)

Membership Meeting Highlight!

Dale Carnegie Franchise Leadership Forum

Presented by John Hei

John Hei started his Dale Carnegie career in 1987 in Taiwan.  Four years later, the small island became the number one franchise in the world, and maintained its top spot for over twenty years (and counting).

John has 10 field offices in Taiwan and China.  There are 160 associates working with him, and about 100 of them are trainers.  The annual revenue of his franchise has exceeded 10 million US dollars. 
John is eager to share some key factors and efforts that have helped him achieve what he has today.  For example, he will explain to us how his youth program got started, and how it has contributed about 4 million dollars to his revenue every year. 
We all strive for the opportunity to have business leaders and executives in our programs so that they will in turn be happy to send their people to our training. You will be interested to know how John started his Executive Leadership program 20 years ago. 

Message from JJ White, IDCFA President

We have so many exciting things to announce! The IDCFA Board is spending a majority of our time on the Focus Five initiative.  It's a proposition the board brought to DC&A in March 2013 with a vision of where we want to be in five years. The IDCFA Board had a two-day meeting with DC&A in January 2014 and created a focus for the next five years.  We started with a foundation of who we are: the Dale Carnegie principles and Dale Carnegie experience.  The focus was then placed on where we want to play: the primary market, which is small to medium sized businesses under 500 employees, and the secondary market, which are businesses with 500+ employees.


IDCFA is working hand in hand with DC&A on strategies to win and we have already seen some progress. DC&A will be releasing their strategic plan soon.  This is the first time in 15 years franchisees have been involved this deeply with DC&A and the strategic planning process.  The largest initiative to evolve so far is the WOW experience.  You're seeing DC&A, franchisees and members jump in on this initiative and this is only the beginning.  The IDCFA Board is working hard to make sure that the plan is executed effectively.


IDCFA had their 2014 Owner's Meeting last month in Austin, TX.  There were approximately 60 franchisees and 11 representatives from DC&A in attendance.  This was the highest attended meeting in the past five years.  Many segments were co-facilitated by both IDCFA and DC&A and focused on primary and secondary markets.  For the first time, IDCFA released the meeting handouts to IDCFA paying members so everyone could see what we experienced in hopes that those who did not, or could not, attend this year will join us at an upcoming meeting. We encourage every owner throughout the world to attend our summer owners meeting next year. Location to be announced soon!


IDCFA will be holding a meeting on December 2 in Atlanta in conjunction with the International Convention.  We will have guest speakers that will help us be better in our business.  Watch your email for more details on this meeting!


Finally, I would like to announce a new Innovation Team - Franchise Profitability.  If our businesses could make a lot more money, it would be easier for us to build wealth and sell at a high amount.  A couple of ideas for the team to exploring a mentoring program to help new franchisees, look for additional ways to reduce costs, testing of digital manuals, etc.  If you are interested in joining this team, please let me know.


See you in Atlanta!



Message from JJ White, IDCFA President

Greetings Owners!

Dale Carnegie said, 'Action breeds confidence and courage.' Since our last newsletter there has been tremendous action toward the future of Dale Carnegie Training! Here are a few highlights of the work the IDCFA has been doing for you... 

  • Vision - In January the Innovation Team Captains, IDCFA Board and DC&A Senior Leadership Team spent two days crafting the 'Focus Five', our five year vision for the future. We achieved extraordinary collaboration as we defined our foundation (The Principles and the Dale Carnegie Experience), our vision, the markets we want to win in and the strategies to win in those markets. Included in this newsletter are more details of the meeting.       
  • DC&A Board - Also in January, I spent an hour with the DC&A Board of Directors. We had a very candid conversation regarding the current and future state of our business in the marketplace. Topics covered included: 
    • Concerns of the talent losses, especially on the Senior Leadership Team
    • The declining sales in the US (down 10% since 2000) and declining registrations in the Dale Carnegie Course product (down 40% since 2000)
    • New product innovation
    • Senior Leadership Team succession planning
    • Declining franchise resale valuation         
  • Strategic Planning - In early March, Allyn Walker and I, along with 10 of the top owners in the world (two from each region), spent two hours on a video conference with the Senior Leadership Team to kick off their week long strategic planning session.     
  • In April, the same 12 owners will reconvene with the Senior Leadership Team to review and give feedback on the Strategic Plan.  

 As we look ahead to our Owners Meeting this June in Austin, we are excited about the progress we are making with Peter and his team. It's critical we unite as a global owners group.

 We appreciate your time and financial support in our efforts. Our membership is up 14% over last year! If you are not a member of the IDCFA we encourage you to join us. Your investment in the IDCFA is already leading to business results.

Message from JJ White, IDCFA President

Fellow Owners,

Where is the future taking us?

More importantly, where are we taking the future? On January 15-16 the IDCFA Board, DC&A Senior Leadership Team and Innovation Team captains will be meeting to collaborate and answer that question. This meeting is focused on gaining alignment around our strengths, and matching it to how we interface with the marketplace and will be a foundation for the strategic plan. Through this collaboration, we’ll be answering what do our customers want/need, what will they want/need and how do we connect to that for many years into the future?

The Planning Committee [Allyn Walker, Mike Scott and David Fagiano] have selected and hired a facilitator to lead this process. In the near future some of you will be interacting with them as they gain insights, data and opinions on our current reality.

One of our IDCFA tenants is being a strategic partner to Dale Carnegie & Associates in order to create a profitable and sustainable business. A goal in this partnership is to focus the work of the Innovation Teams and accelerate their work. The Innovation Team Process has proven to be an amazing way to leverage the gifted people in the franchise network and DC&A. The five teams with a brief update:

●     Product and Delivery - [Matt Norman, Co-Captain] Through global survey the team discovered three macro-trends impacting organizations today [Leadership, Engagement and Succession]. Within those trends there are seven context areas [Change Readiness, Partnering in a Matrix, Virtual Teaming, Salesforce Transformation, Mid-Level Leading, Non-Traditional Selling and Dealer-Distributor Effectiveness]. The team continues to work on deeper integration into how we sell and deliver into these context areas.

●     Digital - [Bob Dickson and Dan Heffernan, Co-Captains] As the most innovative new aspect of our business, this team has remained forward thinking on how to best integrate digital offerings into our current offerings.

●     Major Accounts - [Anita Zinsmeister and John Covilli, Co-Captains] The team is creating a unified go-to market and pricing strategy to large global organizations.

●     Marketing - [Katie Iorio and Piera Palazzolo, Co-Captains] As we move to phase two of engagement the team is looking at ways to make more impact in the marketplace.

●     Train-the-Trainer - [Carla Doyle, Co-Captain] The team has been gaining insight on how other non-competitive train-the-trainer organizations go to market and how it fits our current model.

Please volunteer your talents by attending a meeting or two of a team that you have passion for.

I hope you can tell from my message, the tone between the IDCFA and DC&A has changed dramatically. We are collaborating, communicating,and sharing responsibility for our future. If you are not a member of the IDCFA, please join and be a part of our work. We can use your insights in the Innovation Team process and your moral support as we keep Dale Carnegie’s dream alive for another 100 years.

We are in a very exciting and challenging time in our business. We are where we are today as a result of our history and we need to prepare our network for our future. There is such an untapped opportunity in the marketplace for Dale Carnegie Training.

Live the Dale Carnegie Principles!